We are now accepting applications for 2018. Click here to download an application.      Some of our vendors are listed here and I am in the process of updating the list, so keep checking in:

  • Jill and Nowell Smith are the proprietors of NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY, with a wide array of hand-crafted fine jewelry from the Southwest, in addition to Crystals and Healing Stones.
  •  Jim Cathcart operates the 4 CORNERS, INC. site, offering some extraordinary hand-made pottery, Navajo jewelry and Kachina dolls
  •  Running Deer is a vendor who came to us last year with her STAR GAZR CREATIONS from West Virginia.  She travels with some incredible grandchildren and is an amazing story-teller in her own right.  Offering a variety of hand-made crafts, clothing and jewelry, she also brings some beautifully created regalia to the table.
  •  Carol Sobolewski is a regional artist who owns and operates the LITTLE HERON NATIVE ARTS & CRAFTS.  Her merchandise includes handmade beadwork, silver jewelry and t-shirts.
  •  GRAY WOLF TRADING POST is a business run by Philip “Doc” Rice.  Doc’s merchandise includes beadwork, leather crafts, bags, jewelry, books and CD’s/DVD’s.
  •  The SPOTTED FAWN TRADING POST is operated by Tom and Colette “Spotted Fawn” Shay.  They offer wood crafts, a variety of Native American crafts and clothing created by Spotted Fawn.
  • SILVER ARROW GALLERY is run by Alan Schramm and his family.  This is one of the largest units at the event and the array of merchandise includes silver jewelry, Native American art, leather goods, herbal teas & creams, books, sage, beads and much more…you could spend a vast amount of time here if you can squeeze around all the other shoppers.
  •  Linda Jardscrak operates the MORNING SKY TRADING POST and offers craft supplies beads and components, leather, blankets and lapidary.
  • I am happy to say that Flute Maker Val Kobrin of HAWKEYE’S NEST will be returning  Val Kobrin - Hawkeyes Nestto offer his talents as a flute maker.
  • The CIRCLE LEGACY CENTER, who is the presenting partner for this powwow, will be offering their own fry-bread food stand.
  • This year we are welcoming FETTER CONCESSIONS who will be offering a variety of foods, deserts and smoothies.