Mark your calendars


The Fourth Annual PowWow on Manatawny Creek is in the works and will take place on Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7, 2017. For a complete schedule of events, please click here. We are happy to announce the return of Medicine Horse Singers and Dancers,  MC Barry Lee and  Head Dancers Matt White Eagle and Chris Mourning Dove.

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Medicine Horse Singers





The Salinas Family Aztec dancers will be returning to share their style of dance and song.  We are really excited to have them back.  The Aztec “Mechican” dancers represent an important part of the message about the indigenous people throughout Turtle Island and their presence in the powwow celebrations serves to underscore that message.

ArtFusion 19464 will be hosting our children’s events once again.  In addition to PowWow on Manatawny Creek, ArtFusion19464 is also sponsoring the second in a series of three Arts Walks in Pottstown on May 6.  This event is expected to draw a wide range of visitors to our community and combined with the Carousel, which began operations earlier this year and the Colebrookdale Railroad carrying passengers between Boyertown and Pottstown, this looks to be an enjoyable family focused weekend!


This year we will not require an admission fee but will instead ask that you make a donation toward the PowWow.  We are going to attempt to raise the funds we need to keep bringing this event to Pottstown through various fund raising activities and all we ask is that you give what you can and enjoy the celebration.

The event happens rain or shine, and is wheelchair accessible. There is dedicated handicap parking at the Second St. entrance. Bring your own seating/blankets and be prepared to participate!

Barry and BarbaraDoors open at 10am both days and the event will continue until 7pm.  Grand Entry will occur at 12noon each day. Our MC once again is Barry Lee, one half of the duo who will be performing with Spirit Wing.  Dance exhibitions happen throughout the day and we will also provide Day Money for dancers is certain catagories. Shop at the incredible Native American craft vendors and try some great Soup and Buffalo Burgers prepared by Mama’s Soupe Coupe and  Indian fry bread, fry bread tacos and wojapi by  Circle Legacy Center. . There will also be great events for kids, including story telling and fun Native American games. A silent auction will benefit the Circle Legacy Center.

Questions? Please email us.